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NOTE: All schools for Division 1 and 1-AA will be listed. Division 2 and 3 schools will b e listed as we get information in from all of you.

NOTE: Some Schools May Not Be Printing Skeds With Actual Player Numbers On A Player Photo.  Expect Some #18 Jerseys For This Year  May Not Be The Actual Players Number. All Players With #18 Without A Players Name, Will Not Be Listed (Unless It Has Been Verified As An Actual Player)

Division 1 -

Akron - Card - Two Hands Gripping Football /Adidas (Schedule/ Bud Light/ Papa Johns)
Alabama -

#24 Terrell Lewis/ #17 Christian Miller (Golden Flake)

#34 Damien Harris (Cook’s Pest Patrol)
#49 Isaiah Buggs (Matathon)
#71 Ross Pierschbacher/ #73 Jonah Williams (Marathon/ Athletic Social Media Addresses)

Paul W. Bryant Museum (Bryant Bank)

Two Trophies (Coors Light/ Social Media)
5" X 7" MAGNET - 9 Players/ Logo (Crane Works/ Coca Cola/ Supe Store) 
Albany - MAGNET - #24 Elijah Ibitokun-Hanks/ Schedule (Mohawk Honda) 
Paul W. Bryant Museum (100th Anniversary College Of Continuing Studies Logo)

Appalachian State - Card - #25 Jalin Moore/ Logo/ Sunbelt Logo (Schedule)

Arizona -

Card - Head Coach Kevin Sumlin Holding Helmet/ Logo (Schedule/ School)

Coach Kevin Sumlin/ Seven Players/ Logo (Desert Diamond/ Vantage West Credit Union)
Arizona State - #73 Cohl Cabral/ Logo (Gila River/ Arizona Sports 98.7/ Sun Devil Club)
Arkansas - Card - Coach Chad Morris/ Logo "Football In The Natural State" (Schedule/ AT&T/ Pepsi)

Arkansas State -
Overhead View Of #15 Justice Hansen (Social Media/ Arkansas Blue Cross/ Blue Shield/ Master Group/ Adidas)
Arkansas-Pine Bluff - Card - Player #18 For Calendar Year/ Logo (Schedule) 

Auburn -

Card - Logo/ Auburn Bank (Schedule)

4" X 6" MAGNET - Schedule (Bryant Bank)
Ball State - Card - 10 Players/ Logo (Schedule/ Multi Sponsors)

Big Ten - Composite - Championship Trophy (Valvoline)

Big 12 - Composite - Football "XII"/ Social Media/ Red Hue B/G Wraps Around To Back (Dr. Pepper "The One You Crave" Inside) 
Boston College - Card - Player "Soar" (Schedule)

California - Card - #28 Patrick Laira "Earn It" (Schedule/ Bank Of The West/ Pepsi) 

Central Arkansas -

Logo/ Part Of A Player (School/ Coach And Player)

Citadel - #10 Jordan Black/ #53 Tyler Davis/ #55 Russell Hubbs/ #24 Aron Spann "Fire These Cannons" (Social Media/ Multi Sponsors)

Clemson -

Card - Coach Dabo Swinney Holding ACC Championship Trophy (Schedule/ Stub Hub)

MAGNET - Head Coach Dabo Swinney/ Social Media (University Village At Clemson) 

Coastal Carolina - #93 Jarrell Tolbert/ #75 Eathan Howard/ Logo (#29 Silas Kelly/ #9 Malcom Willians/ School) 

Dartmouth - Card - #78 Matt Kaskey (Schedule/ School)
East Carolina - #20 & #18 Calendar Year (UBE Piratewear/ 107.9 WNCT)

East Tennessee State - Head Coach Randy Sanders (Aerial View Of Stadium/ Food City)

Eastern Illinois - Fall Sports - Player (Credit Union 1 Inside)  

Eastern Michigan - #25 Ian Eriksen Holding Sledgehammer (Logo/ Social Media) 

Elon - On A Strip With 5 Fall Sports - #3 Warren Messer (May Realty Group)  

Florida -

#18 Daquon Green "Gators" (Logo/ Wells Fargo)

Logo/ Bud Light Logo/ Blue B/G "Gameday's Favorite Light Lager."  (Gators Logo/ Bud Light Logo)

Player #18 For Calendar Year Holding Ball (American Campus)
Player #18 For Calendar Year Running (Florida Blue Cross/ Blue Shield)
3 1/2" X 4 1/2" MAGNET - Player #18 For Calendar Year Running/ #WeChomp (Pepsi) 

Florida Atlantic - #2 Azeez Al-Shaair/ #5 Devin Singletary "Winning In Paradise" (Football Ticket Prices And Phone Numbers)
Florida State -

Chief Osscola Riding Reneghade/ #DoSomething (Allstate, Pizza Hut, Coca Cola. Bud Light)

MAGNET - Chief Osscola Riding Reneghade/ Schedule/ Sociam Media (Marathon)

3 1/2" X 4" Generic MAGNET - Schedule (Jeff Boxsee - Premier Fine Homes) 
Georgia -

#5 Terry Godwin (Georgia Power)
#11 Jake Fromm/ ATD/ Nike (AT&T)
#18 Beandre Baker (Texas Roadhouse)
#53 Lamont Gaillard (Delta)
#89 Charlie Woerner (Georgia United Credit Union)
Georgia State - 8 1/2" X 6 3/4" Card - Schedule/ Aerial Photo Of Game In B/G (Satdium Seating Diagram)
Georgia Tech - Photo Of The Field (Social Media/ Cobb Galleria Center)

Hawaii - #4 Rojesterman Farris II/ #1 Noah Borden/ #99 Zeno Choi (Multi Sponsors)

Holy Cross - #5 Blaise Bell  (Pepsi/ WEEI 1440 AM) 

Houston - Card - #8 Emeke Egbule LB "H-Town Takeover" (Schedule/ Ticket Information/ McDonald's/ TDECU/ KPRC 950 AM)

Idaho State - Fall Schedule - Mascot In Front Of Stadium (Ticket Information/ Multi Sponsors)  
Illinois - Helmet/ White B/G "I Football" (Tailgating Photo/ Players "Make Your Memories At Memorial Stadium This Fall") 
Illinois State - #9 Mitchell Brees (Ford/ CEFCU) 
Indiana -

Stadium At Twilight (Social Media)

Card - #18 Reaching For Football (Opponents Logos On Schedule/ Multi Sponsors) 

Iowa - Six Players (University Of Iowa Health Care/ Coca Cola)
Iowa State -
#7 Joel Lanning Cheering/ Logo/ Fans In The B/G "Rising As One" (Meyocks/ Social Media)
MAGNET - Logo "Rising As One" (School)

Jacksonville State - #1 Trome Terry/ Logo (Nationwide/ RJA) 
Kansas -

Card - Players/ Home Schedule (Social Media)

#11Steven Sims/ #29 Joe Dineen, Jr./ #96 Daniel Wise (Logo/ School "Join The Chant"/ Rallyhouse/ Pittcraft Printing)

Kansas State - Combo With Soccer And Volleyball - Logo (Football Schedule)

Kent State - Card - #29 Capone Blue/ Logo (Home Schedule/School)  
Kentucky -
Card - #26 Benny Snell Jr "Get Up" (Schedule/ Central Bank)

Card - #41 Josh Allen/ Kentucky Farm Bureau "Get Up" (Schedule/ Logo/ Kroger)

Lafayette - Card - #62 Kevin Zataveski (Schedule/ Coca Cola)
Lamar - #18 Andre Mulinax (Multi Sponsors)
Liberty - #12 Stephen Calvert (Multi Sponsors) 

Louisiana-Lafayette - Plastic Card With Three Keychain Tabs - #15 Elijah Mitchell Carrying Football (Schedule/ Ticket Office Phone Number/ Coca Cola)

Louisiana Tech - #50 Chris Spence (Louisiana Tech Athletic Club)
Louisville - Fall Sports - #9 Jaylen Smith& Bud Light Inside (School)
LSU - #18 Foster Moreau/ Logo (Multi Sponsors/ Social Media)
Maine - 4 1/2" X 3 1/4" Card - #14 Chris Ferguson/ Other Players In B/G (Schedule/ Multi Sponsors) 
Marshall -

#9 Marcel Williams (Coors Light)

Combo With West Virginia & 3 High Schools - West Virginia & Marshal Schedules/ Dr. Matt Rohrbach House( Huntington HS/ Cabell Midland HS/ Spring Valley HS/ Dr. Matt Rohrbach House) 

Maryland -

Plastic Card With Keychain - #5 Anthony McFarland/ Logo "Fear The Turtle" (Schedule)
Plastic Card With Keychain - #55 Derwin Gray/ Logo "Fear The Turtle" (Schedule) 

Massachusetts -

Plastic Card With Two Keychains - #30 Tyler Hayes (Coca Cola)
4" X 7" MAGNET - #8 Marquis Young (Coca Cola)

Miami - Hand Holding Helmet/ Logo (Schedule/ U Health Sports Medicine)
Michigan -
Logo (Frank Kemuth Insurance)
4" X 7" MAGNET - Logo/ Field "Hail To The Victors" (Kapnic Insurance Group)
Football Shaped MAGNET - 2018 & 2019 Schedules (School)
Michigan State -

Card - Player Running (Schedule/ Social Media)

Card - Players With Trophy (Schedule/ Social Media/ Home-Owners Insurance)
Minnesota - Player #18 For Calendar Year/ Logo (TCF Bank)  
Mississippi - Card - Head Coach Matt Luke And Players (Oby's/ Rebel Rags/ U Club Townhomes)

Mississippi State - #7 Nick Fitzgerald/ #4 Gerri Green/ Logo (Maroon Memories) 

Missouri -
Card - #3 Drew Lock/ #5 Terry Beckner (Nike/ Walsworth)

Schedule & Gameday Guide/ #3 Drew Lock/ # 5 Terry Beckner, Jr./ Collage Of Campus Locations(Schedule/  Illustration Of Player)

Missouri State - Card - Helmet #20/ Logo/ Fans In B/G (Schedule)
Montana -
#15 Dave Dickenson Throwing (Schedule/Albertson’s)
#18 For Calendar Year "Montana Tough" (Schedule/Albertson’s)

Montana State - Combo With Volleball - #85 Kevin Kassis/ Logo/ Multi Sponsors (Volleyball #10 Allyssa Rizzo/ Logo) 
Navy - Front And Back Covers Wrap Around - #61 Andrew Wood/ AAC (Schedule/ Team Information Inside) 
Nebraska -
Defensive Backs - #25 Antonio Reed/ #42 Aaron Williams (1st National/ US Cellular/ Adidas)
Defensive Line - #47 Matt Jarzynka/ #99 Peyton Newell/ #91Freedom Akinmoladun/ #44 Mick Stoltenberg (1st National/ US Cellular/ Adidas)
Line Backers - #17 Sedrick King/ #12 Luke Gifford/ #5 Derick Young (1st National/ US Cellular/ Adidas)
Offensive Line - #62 Cole Conrad/ #63 Tanner Farmer/ #67 Jerald Foster (1st National/ US Cellular/ Adidas)
Running Backs - #21 Mikale Wilbon/ #23 Austin Rose/ #22 Devine Ozigbo (1st National/ US Cellular/ Adidas)
Specialty Positions - #30 Bo Kitrell/ #54 Jordan Ober/ #90 Jackson Walker (1st National/ US Cellular/ Adidas)
Wide Receivers - #83 Bryon Reimers/ #8 Stanley Morgan (1st National/ US Cellular/ Adidas)
Card - Helmet/ Spring Game Issue (Schedule/ 1st National)
Card - Schedule (Husker Headquarters)
Card - Schedule (Husker Hounds)

Card - Schedule (Best Of Big Red Husker Shop)

New Mexico - Card - #11 Coltin Gerhart/ #55 Aaron Jenkins/ Unknown Player/ Logo/ Home Schedule/ Multi Sponsors (Ticket Prices/ Field Seating/ US Bank)
New Mexico State - Card - #4 Demarcus Owen (Zia Country/ Pepsi/ Schedule)

North Alabama - Fall Athletic Schedule With Soccer And Volleyball - #25 Christon Taylor (Coca Cola/ Progress Bank)
North Dakota State - Combo With Volleyball & Soccer (Bell Bank/ Mastercard)  
Northern Illinois - Card - #21 Marcus Jones Carrying Football/ Logo "Be A Part Of The Hard Way" (Schedule/ Ticket Office Phone Number/ Multi Sponsors) 

Northwestern -

#18 Calendar Year (WGN Radio/ Meijer)

Logo/ Player Laughing (WGN Radio/ Nissan)  
Notre Dame -
Credit Card Size - Schedule (Gatorade)

Player With Football In Arm (Papa John's Pizza)
Credit Card Size - 5 Notre Dame Stores/ (Schedule)

MAGNET - Back Of Players Helmets/ Schedule/ Football Fridays At The ECK (Team)
Ohio State -

Brutus Buckeye Inside Horseshoe (Roosters)

Card - Player Holding Up One Finger/ Logo (Schedule/ Nationwide)

Ohio University -
#2 Javon Hagan (Frontier Communications)

QB #12 Nathan Rourke/ Safety Havana/ Fans In B/G (Frontier Communications)

Oklahoma - Coach Lincoln Riley/ #7 Jordon Thomas/ #12 Will Johnson Celebrating/ Photo Wraps Around To Back (Multi Sponsors)
Oklahoma State - Head Coach Mike Gundy And Six Players "Orange Power"/ Collage Wraps Around 3 Panels (OSU/ Social Media) 

Ole Miss - Card - Schedule/ Coach & 2 Players (Oby’s/ RebelRags/ U Club Townhomes at Oxford) 

Oregon -

Card - #10 Justin Herbert/ #35 Troy Dye (Schedule/ Bi-Mart)

Card - Logo/ Player Holding Ball (Schedule/ Bi-Mart)
5" X 7" MAGNET - #10 Justin Herbert/ Logo (QSL Print)
MAGNET - 5" X 7" - #10 Justin Herbert Throwing/ Schedule (QSL Print)
Oregon State - Card - Hand Raising Helmet (Kaiser Permanente)

Penn State - Card - #1 Christian Campbell (Schedule/ School)

Pittsburgh - Card - #20 Dennis Briggs/#18 Ryan Winslow/ Logo "Lock The Gates" (Schedule/ Multi Sponsors)

Purdue - Card - Player Breaking Through Hands "Only The Strong Break Through" (Schedule/ Purdue Federal Credit Union) 

Rice - Head Coach Mike Bloomgren/ #94 Graysen Schantz/ #2 Austin Walter "Rice Fight Never Dies" (Sportsmap/ 94.1 FM/ Houston Methodist/ Social Media)" (Schedule/ Athletic Website Address/ Ticket Office Phone Number) 
Rutgers - Card - 3 Helmets With Logo (Schedule/ With Opponent's Logos)

Samford - 5" X 7" Card - #8 Devlin Hodges/ #99 Ahmad Goodenv/ Schedule "All For Samford" (Blank)

San Diego State - Player (101 KGB)  

SEC - Composite - SEC Logo/ White B/G "It Just Means More" (Multi Sponsors)
SMU - Fall Sports - Strip With Perforations - Football Card Has Dallas Skyline/ Social Media (Schedule)

South Alabama - Card - Head Coach Steve Campbell/ Addis (Schedule)

South Carolina - 6 Players/ State Outline With Field In It "Forever Dedicated. Forever To Thee" (Palmetto Citizens Federal CU/ Professional Painters) 
Southern Illinois - Card - #2 Jeremy Chinn/ Multi Sponsors (Schedule/ Ticket Information)

Southern Mississippi -

Player #3 / Logo (Schedule/ Ticket Information)

Defensive Player Ready For Snap (CSC Commercial Stationary Company)
Unidentified Player With Arms Folded (Farm Bureau Insurance)
Unidentified Player Holding Football (Trustmark Bank)

Saint John's - 3 Players (SC Timest)
Stephen F. Austin - Player (Tipton Ford Lincoln)
Syracuse - Card - #2 Eric Dungey (Schedule/ Multi Sponsors) 
TCU - Card - Head Coach Gary Patterson (Schedule/ Patterson’s Career Highlights/ BBVA Compass)
Tennessee - Close-Up Of Half Of A Players Face (First Tennessee)

Players Hand Raising Road Helmet With Orange Power T (Farm Bureau)
Card - #31 Madre London Running/ First Tennessee "Powered By The T" (Schedule)
Coach Tom Herman (Corona Beer)
Player Making A Fist With Left Hand (Coors Light)

Texas A&M - Card - #5 Trayveon Williams (Schedule/ Pepsi/ Alphagraphics) 

Texas State - #9 Bryan London II (Multi Sponsors)
Texas Tech - Logo/ Player #18 Space For Calendar Year (Starter E/R)
Toledo -

Card - #25 Cody Thompson/ Nike "This Is Toledo" (Schedule/ Athletic Website Address/ Ticket Office Phone Number)

Tulane - Card - #1 Jonathan Banks (Capital One Bank/ Coca Cola)
UAB - Card - #18 "Win As One" (Schedule/ Helmet/ UAB Legacy Credit Union/ Pepsi/ Viva Health)
UCLA - Logo/ Under Amour (UCLA Health)  

* UConn - Card - Three Football Game Day Photos "Tailgating. Football. Fun." (Schedule)  

UMass - Card With Two Keychain Tabs - #30 Tyler Hayes (Schedule/ School)

UNLV - Small Keychain Tab - #1 Armani Rogers/ Logo/ Play Drawn In B/G (Schedule/ Multi Sponsors)

Utah - Card - #2 Philip Afia/ Logo/ 125 Year Logo (Schedule/ Multi Sponsors)
UTEP - Card - Logo/ Home Schedule/ GECU "Every Person Makes A Difference" (Churches Chicken) 

Valparaiso -

Combo With Women's Volleyball - Player Ready To Catch Football/ Lakeshore Bone & Joint Institute (Volleyball Lizzie Zaleski Yelling/ Lakeshore Bone & Joint Institute)
MAGNET - Combo With Volleyball - Football & Volleyball Player/ Both Home Schedules "Fight For The Brown And Gold" (School) 

Vanderbilt - Card - #18 Mo Hasan (Schedule/ WLAC 1510 AM/ Ascend Federal Credit Union)

Virginia - #18 Ben Hogg (WINA/ 97.5 3WV, Virginia Athletics Foundation)
Virginia State - Card - Team Running Onto The Field (Schedule/ School) 
Virginia Tech -

#8 Ricky Walker "Exit Light" (Schedule/ Social Media/ Cox)
#61 Kyle Chung "Exit Light" (Schedule/ Social Media/ Cox) 

Card - Stadium Seating/ Hokie Effect (Schedule/ Cox)
Wake Forest - -
Card - Coach And Players Celebrating/ Home Schedule "Back-Back-Bowl Champions" (Full Schedule)
Card - #9 Chuck Wade, Jr./ #22 Matt Colburn/ #17 Traveon Redd (Schedule/ Ticket Phone Number/ Multi Sponsors)
Washington -
Player Holding Ball "Here And Now" (Toyota)
#9 Myles Gaskin (The Zone Toyota/ KOMO News 1000 AM 97.7 FM)
West Virginia -
#7 Will Grier/ Logo (WVU Medicine)
#11 David Long Jr./ Logo (GoMart)
#13 David Sills/ Logo (United Bank)
#55 Yodny Cajuste/ Logo (US Cellular)
Card - Schedule/ Vodka Brands Corp. (Blue Diamond Luxury Vodka)
Combo With Marshall & 3 High Schools - West Virginia & Marshal Schedules/ Dr. Matt Rohrbach House( Huntington HS/ Cabell Midland HS/ Spring Valley HS/ Dr. Matt Rohrbach House)
Western Kentucky - Combo With Soccer & Volleyball - Player #18 For Calendar Year (Lifeskills)
Wisconsin - Combo With Packers - Pig Holding Football/ Badger Boiled Ham (Schedule) 
* Yale - Logo (Schedule/ Yale Bowl In B/G)

NOTE: The Clothing Store - Alumni Hall Has Again Produce Team Card Set Skeds For Many Southern Schools. Available Are:

Combo Schedules - 333SEAT On Football/ Black B/G (333 Seat Locations/ Ohio State, Kentucky, Louisville, Cincinnati. Notre Dame & 5 NFL Team Schedules Inside)


Bentley - Card - #1 Drew Mahoney (Schedule/ Social Media)

Bloomsburg - Fall Sports - Mascot (Cross-Country Schedule/ Pretty Petals)

Carson Newman - Card - #14 Derrick Evans/ Logo/ Lisa's Country Kitchen/ #United18 (Schedule/ Ticket Prices) 
Catawba - Fall Sports - #2 Kenyatta Greene/ Four Other Sports Players/ Logo (Cross-Country Schedule/ Arby’s)
Chicago - Fall Sports - Logo/ Social Media (Women’s Soccer Schedule)
Delta State - Card - Coach And 6 Players (Schedule/ Social Media/ Multi Sponsors)
Denison - Fall Sports - #32 John McGagh/ Six Other Sports Players/ Logo (Field Hockey And Cross-Country Schedules)
Emporia State - Fall Sports - (School)
Gannon University - Card - 4 Players/ Helmet (Schedule/ School)
Grand Valley State - #51 Ethan Culberson/ Another Player (Peppino's Pizza)
Harding - #42 Sam Blankenship (#73 Bryce Bray/ Regions)
Humboldt State - Fall Schedules - #24 Isaiah Malachi Hall/ Other Sports Players (Cross Country Schedule)
McKendree - Card - Logo/ Coach And 6 Players (Schedule/ Social Media)

Navy Sprint Football - Front And Back Wrap Around - #30 Dane Livengood/ # 44 Sheppard Wilson "Raise The Sail." (Schedule/ Logo/ Social Media/ Athletic Website And Phone Number "The Legacy Is Not Ours, But Ours To Uphold.")

New Haven - Card - #9 Miles Pease (Schedule/ School)

Northern Michigan - Athletic Schedules/ Logo (UP Health System, The Point 100.3 FM) 

West Alabama - Card - Logo/ Multiple Photos Of Game Action In B/G (Schedule)

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