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Hello and Welcome to The Skedder Update (TSU) Site.
The Skedder Update Site has been created to provide the Skedding Group information that is to be used as a reference or as a checklist for all schedule collectors on what schedules are issued for a given sport season and allows you to add to your schedule collections.

The Skedder Update is a listing of all known cover/ type variations and sponsor variations of schedules for the different sports for the current seasons only.  The Skedder Archives Site (See Below) Has The Listings For Previous Seasons.


NOTE: The site is not limited to what is listed right now. If you have information for other leagues/teams/sports, send us the information, and we'll add it to the site!


We will only be listing Full Or Partial Schedules For; Folding, Sheets, Cards and League Booklets. (The Following Will Not Be Listed - Brochures - Unless It Is The Only Schedule Available, Ticket Information Sheets, Ticket Guides Or Envelopes, Table Tents, Theme Game Promotions/ Guides Or Phamplets) For Magnet Schedules only Team Issued, Generic Full And Smaller Magnet Schedules (No Business Card - At The Top Or Cards With Strip Magnets). 


The sked listings will be updated every Sunday and the new additions for the week will be highlited to make it easier to identify what skeds are new.

All schedules are of the folding type, unless otherwise noted (such as oversized (o/s) or card). Any Magnet Schedules will be listed in BOLD.


Player(s) pictured on a cover are noted when know (either by player name or number on jersey).


The sponsor(s) listed will be from the back of the schedule, unless there is a sponsor on the front as well. When there is sponsor on the front, it will be listed first along with the cover description, followed by the back cover sponsors. If there are no sponsors on the front or back covers, sponsors from inside the schedule will be listed when available. Otherwise it will be listed as Team Sponsored when no sponsor exists. 


The backs of the schedules are listed in Parenthesis (  ) after the cover description.  A comma separates different sponsor variations for the same schedule. All variations are listed after the cover description. If there is more than one sponsor on a schedule, they will be separated with a backwards slash ( / ). When you see Multi Sponsors, it means that there are more than 3 or 4 sponsors on the same sked. Each individual sponsor will not be listed, unless there are different variations.

A Reminder -

All Comments, Corrections, Additions, Etc. Are Always Welcome.

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All 2018 Baseball Skeds Will Be Listed In A few Weeks!

09/24/17 - A Better Week -

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NFL - 11 
NCAA F/B - 14
Arena/ Indoor F/B - 0
CFL - 0
NHL - 5
Minor Hockey - 12
NCAA Hockey -
NBA - 1
NCAA Basketball - 0
NBA "D" - 0
NBL - 0
WNBA - 0
Soccer - 0
Lacrosse - 0

Thanks To Jeff J, Trish G, Andy R, Dom F, Phil C, Jim T For Most Of The Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball & Other Updates!

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In order for this site to be the best that it can be, your sked updates, address changes and any additions, corrections (grammar, spelling, etc.), comments or questions or general feedback is encouraged and always welcome.




NOTE II: We do not have all of the schedules listed on this site in our personal collection (we wish we did).  These are reported by skedders. We may not be able to verify that a schedule actually exists!


PLEASE e-mail me! We want this to be as accurate as possible for everyone!


Remember, this is YOUR site.  We are only the "Groundskeepers".


Rich Kemer
We will be putting all of the past years sked lists on this site so everyone will be able to see them and use them in the future!
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